FPK Resources LLC is agnostic to how packaging is printed. We understand the need for the full range of conventional flexo, hybrid, inkjet and liquid toner printing methods in the larger perspective of market needs and opportunities. We will help you understand how the future of packaging will be produced using all means of printing and ancillary converting processes. The decisive awareness requires the subordination of production technology to that of information technology.
Kelly Williams

Kelly Williams has spent more than 20 years in the plastics, flexible packaging and printing industries. The first 10 years of his career ranged from polyethylene manufacturing, packaging technical service, and new market development. From there he has been in roles and with companies that have aided in the structural shifts occurring in the packaging industry. This has included novel technologies for polymer modification, radiation crosslinking and curing of polymers, coatings, and adhesives, laminating adhesives and coatings and digital printing.

He has authored multiple technical and commercial articles and given numerous talks at trade associations and industry conferences.

Contact Kelly:  kelly@fpkllc.com
Tom Dunn
Tom has over 35 years in the flexible packaging industry, designing, producing, and applying new flexible packaging materials, processes and functions. He has also developed and implemented environmental and safety compliance management systems for the industry’s products and manufacturing processes.

He served also in leadership positions in professional societies and trade associations, TAPPI, SPE, FPA, and RadTech. Tom is a frequent presenter at Industry conferences and his career achievements have been recognized by TAPPI, SPE, PMMI, and the Institute of Food Technologists. He is the author of Manufacturing Flexible Packaging: Materials, Machinery and  Techniques
Contact Tom:  tom@fpkllc.com  

Ginger Cushing
Ginger Cushing has spent over 25 years in the flexible packaging converting industry. Her career began as a research chemist and she went on to global leadership positions in technology, marketing and sales of adhesives and coatings for flexible packaging, polymeric film production, printing and thermal lamination. She consults in the converting, film manufacturing and digital printing industries. 

She has written and presented numerous technical papers, seminars and short courses around the world. She has been recognized for her achievements as a leader and instructor for TAPPI and currently serves as a board member for AIMCAL. 
 Contact Ginger:  ginger@fpkllc.com