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FPK is a change agent dedicated to enabling customized flexible packaging materials for consumer goods using state-of-the-art production and information technology to deliver it in real-time.  
 ​​​​​FPK will identify the information technology and packaging material production technology needed to respond to real-time consumer product packaging needs. We will inform producers and users of packaging materials about the potential of how these two technology platforms connect for the good of the consuming public.  

 ​​​FPK provides an on-line forum for the exchange of information about producing flexible packaging to meet real-time consumer product needs. This forum will provide actionable access to subject matter experts, solution providers, and technical information necessary to realize overnight or sooner customized flexible packaging production. In-person seminars will provide in-depth background and implementation suggestions for producers and users who understand the need for and value of flexible packaging production using this business model.  

FPK LLC was formed by Kelly, Tom, and Ginger because of an obvious need in the flexible packaging marketplace. The flexible packaging market is enormous and the demand is just not letting up. It is a market that is overflowing with the foam of challenges, motion, and friction in a supply chain that just isn't working in this emerging "new world order" of things. Since the global recession in 2008/2009, the flexible packaging market has grown far faster than industry data suggests, and it has been at the expense of rigid packaging. It is THE packaging format of the future. 

We recognize that there are many printers, particularly label printers, who know the opportunity is there to be had. They are the ones getting the calls and the questions about what to what extent they can produce flexible packaging. Many brands have no choice but to get their packaging from Asia. They are not sourcing it from Asia because of the low price but because it is the only source they get packaging at all given the order quantities they need, yet with the same or longer long lead-times. 

FPK LLC knows what the future configuration of the flexible packaging market will look like. We see an unlimited opportunity for new entrants into this once heralded market that no one could simply enter. That barrier to entry is all but now gone and it is everyone's opportunity to step in and start accessing their share of this market that has room for hundreds of new entrants. FPK LLC will be enabling those that have the will by giving them access to the way.