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  • Labeling Solutions for E-Commerce
    These days just about every brand is involved in e-commerce, whether it is selling online directly to end users, via retailers online sites or through Amazon’s “Fulfillment by Amazon” (FBA) program. It is estimated that for 2018 US total e-commerce sales will be over $400bn, growing to over $650bn by… ... read more
    Source: labelingnews.comPublished on 11-08-2018
  • Lean Manufacturing Solution for Stickpacks
    Lean manufacturing, late-stage customization, agile manufacturing, digitalization – whatever you might wish to call it, ProMach’s printing and packaging solution for stickpacks and sachets is a way to reduce costs while improving flexibility and allowing your packaging to be part of your digital workflow. The components of this system are both from ProMach’s portfolio… ... read more
    Source: labelingnews.comPublished on 11-06-2018
  • Meet Us at Labelexpo 2018!
    We’re excited to announce that S-One Labels & Packaging will be exhibiting at Labelexpo Americas 2018 later this month in Chicago. Be sure to swing by Booth #1414 to see printed examples, the latest products and exciting demonstrations. Narrow-web label printers who are interested in breaking into flexible packaging… ... read more
    Source: on 09-04-2018
  • Don’t Miss This Webinar: Exploring Flexible Packaging
    Labels & Labeling magazine will host its second webinar in the Exploring Flexible Packaging series on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 10 a.m. ET./9 a.m. CT. This session will explore the technical aspects for narrow web producers who want to get into flexible packaging. The second webinar is part of Labels… ... read more
    Source: on 08-30-2018
  • Digital Print Heats Up Discussions at Global Pouch Forum
    It’s usually hot down in Miami, but Global Pouch Forum really brought the heat with a focus on digital printing. Although only 1% of flexible packaging is printed digitally today, it was the hot topic at last week’s forum. Digital’s ability to print small runs with customization is making the… ... read more
    Source: on 06-19-2018
  • S-OneLP Is Now in Canada
    S-One Labels & Packaging is excited to announce that it has expanded operations into Canada. Effective immediately, all orders that were processed through LexJet will now be handled by S-OneLP, which will have inventory and shipping out of Ontario. In addition to the DigiPrime and DigiGuard products from Michelman… ... read more
    Source: on 06-04-2018
  • Spread the word about WRAP
    (Happy America Recycles Day! Throughout the week of November 15th, we’re featuring voices from the value chain on important packaging recyclability issues. We’re publishing thoughts from brand owners, recyclers, retailers and others within our industry on why plastics recycling matters. Our blog series has already featured pieces from Patti Olenick, Sustainability… ... read more
    Source: plasticpackagingfacts.orgPublished on 11-15-2017
  • 6 Trends Driving Flexible Packaging
    Flexible packaging continues to remain one of the fastest growing sectors in packaging today. It’s economical, comes in virtually all shapes and sizes, extends shelf life of food/beverage products and is very customizable. According to the Smithers Pira market report, “The Future of Global Flexible Packaging to 2020,” the flexible… ... read more
    Source: createitpkgPublished on 10-22-2015
  • Packaging Basics: What Consumers Expect
    You have a great product that serves your customers’ needs. How do you get your customers to choose your product off the shelf instead of your competitor’s? The answer is packaging. Branding and product description are important to customers, but perhaps, equally as important is structural packaging. Studies show… ... read more
    Source: createitpkgPublished on 08-28-2015
  • Plastic Packaging for Personal Care Products
    In today’s world, a key product characteristic that catches the eyes of consumers is sustainability. Words like “natural” and phrases like “BPA-free” or “eco friendly” stand out and give a sense of security to consumers. However, this is not the case throughout much of the personal care market. According… ... read more
    Source: createitpkgPublished on 08-01-2015

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