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  • Don’t Miss This Webinar: Exploring Flexible Packaging
    Labels & Labeling magazine will host its second webinar in the Exploring Flexible Packaging series on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 10 a.m. ET./9 a.m. CT. This session will explore the technical aspects for narrow web producers who want to get into flexible packaging. The second webinar is part of Labels… ... read more
    Source: on 08-30-2018
  • The History of Clamshell Packaging
    In 1978, the US inventor Thomas Jake Lunsford, took out a patent on his new package design, The Clamshell, a plastic blister package. A plastic blister package is a term for several types of pre-formed plastic packaging for small consumer goods, foods, and for pharmaceuticals. The primary component of a… ... read more
    Source: labelingnews.comPublished on 07-16-2018
  • Digital Print Heats Up Discussions at Global Pouch Forum
    It’s usually hot down in Miami, but Global Pouch Forum really brought the heat with a focus on digital printing. Although only 1% of flexible packaging is printed digitally today, it was the hot topic at last week’s forum. Digital’s ability to print small runs with customization is making the… ... read more
    Source: on 06-19-2018
  • S-OneLP Is Now in Canada
    S-One Labels & Packaging is excited to announce that it has expanded operations into Canada. Effective immediately, all orders that were processed through LexJet will now be handled by S-OneLP, which will have inventory and shipping out of Ontario. In addition to the DigiPrime and DigiGuard products from Michelman… ... read more
    Source: on 06-04-2018
  • NEED TO KNOW: 4 Keys to Food-safety in Package Printing
    We get calls every day from label producers who intend to begin manufacturing flexible packaging for food products. We previously discussed selecting the best multi-layer structure with the appropriate barrier properties to protect product freshness. As printers, while we are not handling food directly, we must keep in mind… ... read more
    Source: on 05-17-2018
  • S-OneLP Partners with Kustom Group to Offer Specialized Coatings
    SARASOTA, FLA – S-One Labels & Packaging is pleased to announce a new partnership with Kustom Group to introduce a wide variety of over-print varnishes and coatings designed for both flexo and digitally printed label and packaging markets. Under the Kustom Koatings brand, S-OneLP will offer standard coatings, such… ... read more
    Source: on 05-09-2018
  • Plastic packaging: Breaking down environmental impacts
    There’s a lot happening all around the packaging industry right now. A major focus area of innovation is the drive to make packaging ever more sustainable, and versatile plastics are an inseparable part of that. As an industry, it’s important for all of us to continually educate customers and consumers… ... read more
    Source: plasticpackagingfacts.orgPublished on 10-05-2017
  • PackExpo Event: Working toward ‘closing the loop’ on flexible packaging
    This week our Emily Tiplado spoke at PackExpo 2017 about Materials Recovery for the Future (MRFF) at a special event hosted by Amcor. MRFF is a collaboration of leading companies, committed to advancing the understanding of how flexible packaging can be effectively sorted for recovery. These companies, brand owners, packaging producers… ... read more
    Source: plasticpackagingfacts.orgPublished on 09-25-2017
  • Cubed, shredded or sliced, plastic barrier films protect cheese
      Nutrient rich cheese had been a long time staple in meals around the world. Over the past few years though, cheese has been gaining popularity as a handy snack, thanks to its reputation as a protein dense food packed with calcium and vitamins. Cubed, shredded, sliced, or as string… ... read more
    Source: plasticpackagingfacts.orgPublished on 09-20-2017
  • 6 Trends Driving Flexible Packaging
    Flexible packaging continues to remain one of the fastest growing sectors in packaging today. It’s economical, comes in virtually all shapes and sizes, extends shelf life of food/beverage products and is very customizable. According to the Smithers Pira market report, “The Future of Global Flexible Packaging to 2020,” the flexible… ... read more
    Source: createitpkgPublished on 10-22-2015
  • Packaging Basics: What Consumers Expect
    You have a great product that serves your customers’ needs. How do you get your customers to choose your product off the shelf instead of your competitor’s? The answer is packaging. Branding and product description are important to customers, but perhaps, equally as important is structural packaging. Studies show… ... read more
    Source: createitpkgPublished on 08-28-2015
  • Plastic Packaging for Personal Care Products
    In today’s world, a key product characteristic that catches the eyes of consumers is sustainability. Words like “natural” and phrases like “BPA-free” or “eco friendly” stand out and give a sense of security to consumers. However, this is not the case throughout much of the personal care market. According… ... read more
    Source: createitpkgPublished on 08-01-2015

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