FPK Resources shows label producers how to become flexible packaging converters.

Let's Talk About Why You're Here

The rapidly growing flexible packaging segment is long overdue for innovation.

The future of flexible packaging will be very different than it is today. If you are looking to enter this market, playing it safe and doing it the same way the market’s behemoth suppliers produce packaging will put you at a disadvantage. The current flexible packaging supply chain is increasingly becoming obvious that it is misaligned with the consumer-driven value chain.

The world we live, shop, and browse in changes constantly and so does the packaging. Think about it – we spend more time interacting with packaging than any other form of marketing communications. We are merely at the beginning of how packaging will not only “flip the script” on being a profit center instead of a cost center, we are also on the cusp of enabling all flexible packaging to have a sustainable end of life besides the landfill.

It doesn’t matter how the packaging is printed. What matters is when it is printed in the production process and how far it is from final fulfillment that matters. However, if you are not thinking about how to embrace variable content, you should be. Variable print is not about cute campaigns of personalized snack bags. Variable content printing will revolutionize the supply chain from farm to cupboard managed at the pack unit level.

Let us give you the tools and the information you need to begin your own path into this burgeoning market.

FlexPacKnowledge provides flexible packaging suppliers with:


to accept the things they should not change


and technology to change the things they can


to manage the two

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